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The United Republic of Tanzania


The United Republic of Tanzania


Dr. Elirehema Doriye


Word from the Conservation Commissioner

Owed to exceptional value of its resources NCA was designated a Conservation Area as far back as 1959. As an Authority entrusted with the management of this Heritage, the key roles for which NCAA was established are to conserve nature and cultural resources available, develop and promote tourism in the area, as well as improve the welfare of indigenous communities. 

With this heritage endowment, quality of management of its assets and significance of its functions to the world, NCA was enlisted as a World Heritage Site in 1979. This is one among several such status that NCA is accredited by UNESCO to date.

Many decades after its establishment NCA continues to provide some of the richest habitats that accommodate an abundance of vegetation and wildlife, some of which in the verge of extinction. The level of health of its ecosystem coupled with effective protection of resources from all forms of illegal utilization, has allowed NCA to support sensitive ecological processes that are key to the survival of wildlife species in the entire region. 

The ability of NCA to guarantee highly rewarding holiday experience is one of key reasons for its unmatched performance as a tourist destination. Achievement of this magnitude can hardly come from isolated efforts of the Authority alone. The Government through Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism continues to support the Authority with necessary resources and timely policy interventions which are key in facilitating effective execution of its duties.  The oversight role of the Board of Directors of NCAA, on the other hand, has provided a catalyst for its increased efficiency.

As an institution NCAA appreciates the trust of safekeeping of this global heritage that the international community has put on us. It is this trust that strengthens our motivation to continue investing in developing and adopting strategies that ensure our institutional goals are achieved. So, while keeping within the framework of our traditional roles, NCAA is also striving to align itself with the prevailing technological and socio-economic dynamics that take place within the local as well as international contexts.

This website is primarily designed to become the most reliable source of information for all our stakeholders. It incorporates information about visitor products and services, destination performance, international travel trends, new opportunities for investment as well as corporate decisions.

It is my hope that users will find this website a useful source of information and a tool for communication. I kindly urge you to always share your views and opinions to help us maintain its quality and relevance.

Who we are

Ngorongoro Conservation Area AUTHORITY

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) is a state-owned organization under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and was solely established to preserve, conserve, protect, and manage the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s natural beauty while also striving to make it the world’s top tourism destination. With the NCAA management, you can absolutely make Ngorongoro Conservation Area your best option for your next holiday. The organization uses an international system to preserve and protect the cultural treasures and natural resources of the NCA, creating a friendly atmosphere for both domestic and foreign tourists, students, researchers, as well as tourism and environmental conservation stakeholders.

We have made it easier for the NCA’s visitors to enjoy a plethora of tourist attractions and activities when visiting Tanzania and decide to include the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on their to-visit list.  Without a doubt, this is the only destination with more tourist attractions and wonderful activities than any other tourist destination you are familiar with. 

As the organization responsible for the preservation, protection, and development of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, we are doing everything we can to ensure the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s preservation and achieve international recognition as the only spectacular tourist destination in Africa and beyond. 

We are super proud that our conservation efforts and sustainability programs have led to the achievement of several international recognitions and awards for the NCA. Geopark’s global recognition clearly indicates that NCA is the best destination to spend your vacation in Tanzania. You can definitely trust us to provide you with the best tourism services that are worth paying for.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA)  was once a part of the Serengeti National Park, which was established under the National Park Ordinance of 1948 and implemented in 1951 for the purpose of preserving its natural geographical and ecological make-up. In 1959, the two National Parks were split into two designated Protected Areas, with varied outstanding universal values and conservational statuses.

As one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders, NCA was universally recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1979 under the natural and cultural criteria owing to its global importance for biodiversity conservation having demonstrated by the existence of globally threatened species, the density of wildlife inhabiting the area, and the annual migration of wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, and other wild animals into the northern plains. Its cultural recognition stemming from an exceptionally long sequence of crucial evidence related to human evolution and human-environment dynamics. Due to its exceptionally long sequence of this crucial evidence, spanning nearly four million years to the beginning of this era, including physical evidence of the most important benchmark in human evolutionary development, NCA’s global identity is fairly justified.

At its inception, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area was primarily established as a multi-land use area, where wildlife could co-exist with the most dominant semi-nomadic Maasai residents, who always move from one place to another in search of water and pasture for their livestock. 

International recognitions 

UNESCO World Heritage Site - 1979
UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve -1981
UNESCO Mixed World Heritage Site - 2010
Ngorongoro-Lengai UNESCO Global
Geopark - 2018

Vision Statement

"Be the Best Conservation Area in the World."

Mission Statement

"To sustainably conserve biodiversity and cultural heritage, enhance the livelihood of the indigenous communities and promote tourism for the benefit of the Nation and the World."


To conserve and develop the natural resources of the Conservation Area.

To promote tourism within the Conservation Area and provide and encourage the provision of facilities necessary or expedient for the promotion of tourism.

To safeguard and promote the interests of Masai Citizens of the United Republic in cattle ranching and dairy industry within the Conservation Area.

Core Values