Public Relations Unit

Public Relations Unit is to innovatively create and maintain good image of NCAA to the stakeholder’s and the general public.

This Unit performs the following activities:-

(i) Maintain and review the NCA’s image and brand identity;

(ii) Coordinate preparation of standards and guidelines for promotional activities;

(iii) Develop, implement and review communication strategy NCAA;

(iv) Foster media relations, and ensure that activities of NCAA receive positive publicity in the media, public and private organizations;

(v) Conduct daily media analysis and propose appropriate actions;(vi) Effectively handle e-media platform for NCAA;

(vii) Analyse requests for NCAA participation in events and provide advice;

(viii) Maintain and update the NCAA website in a creative manner;

(ix) Coordinate and handle matters relating to protocol and public relations; and

(x) Maintain all documentaries and news productions of key events

Intelligence Unit

Intelligence Unit Objectives is to provide reliable intelligence on issues related to poaching and security.

The Unit performs the following activities:-

(i) Develop and implement strategies for effective and efficient gathering of intelligence information;

(ii) Coordinate and facilitate NCAA’s intelligence led operations within and outside NCA;

(iii) Prepare and disseminate reports on available intelligence information in a timely manner;

(iv) Maintain close working relations with other intelligence agencies;

(v) Collaborate with strategic stakeholders with the aim of increasing intelligence networking across the country and internationally;

(vi) Identify key investigative or information gaps on groups of, or individual criminals on their modus operandi, crime trends/pattern and emerging threats;

(vii) Ensure security of vulnerable targets that include visitors, key attraction sites, visitor facilities, camp sites, air strips and other related areas;

(viii) Prepare and implement investigation guidelines;

(ix) Follow up on reported intelligence information;

(x) Monitor and review outcomes of poaching and rescue missions; and

(xi) Maintain intelligence database

Information Communication Unit

Information Communication Unit Objectives is to provide state of the art ICT technical and Statistics services.

This Unit performs the following activities:-

(i) Implement ICT and e-Government Policy;

(ii) Provide technical advice on ICT usage and specifications;

(iii) Develop and manage Integrated Information Communication and Technology System;

(iv) Identify and establish system standards for both software and hardware and support users to comply;

(v) Develop and ensure functioning of NCA website;

(vi) Establish and coordinate the use of intranet on LAN and WAN;

(vii) Carryout studies and propose areas of using ICT as an instrument to improve service delivery to NCAA;

(viii) Plan and develop a system for collecting and management of NCA Statistics;

(ix) Coordinate collection, analysis and dissemination of statistics;

(x) Interpret statistical data for internal and external users by using contemporary technology; and

(xi) Be a custodian of NCA Statistics.

Legal Services Unit

Legal Services Unit Objective are to provide professional legal services to NCAA.

This Unit performs the following activities:-

(i) Provide legal support on various issues;

(ii) Devise and manage legal and regulatory strategies, policies, procedures and practices in line with the needs of NCAA;

(iii) Facilitate Board activities;

(iv) Monitor the implementation of the Board’s decisions by Directorates and Units;

(v) Review legal documents including contracts and regulations, and propose appropriate changes or amendments where necessary;

(vi) Be the custodian of all legal documents, contracts, Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs), and the corporate seal;

(vii) Represent NCAA in litigations in collaboration with the Solicitor General;

(viii) Coordinate and oversee prosecution activities in liaison with the Director of Public Prosecution;

(ix) Participate in all negotiations and meetings that require legal representation; and

(x) Liaise with Parent Ministry and the Attorney General’s Chambers on legal matters related to NCAA.

Procurement Management Unit

Procurement Management Objectives are to provide professional advice and services on procurement, storage and supply of goods and services.

This Unit performs the following activities:-

(i) Formulate and implement policies, procedures and strategies for efficient and effective management of procurement services;

(ii) Coordinate preparation and implementation of Annual Procurement Plan and disposal of assets in line with the Public Procurement Act and related guidelines;

(iii) Manage procurement activities of NCAA;

(iv) Be a Secretariat for NCAA’s Tender Board; and

(v) Issue approved contract documents to concerned parties.

Internal Audit Unit

Internal Audit Unit Objectives are

(i) Prepare and implement NCAA’s audit plans;

(ii) Review and report on proper control over receipts, custody and utilisation of all financial resources;

(iii) Review and report on conformity with financial and operational procedures laid down in any legislation;

(iv) Review the economic performance, efficiency and effectiveness of NCAA’s projects and programs;

(v) Review all strategies, regulations and procedures and advise accordingly;

(vi) Conduct special investigation/audit whenever required; and

(vii) Prepare quarterly and annual audit reports and submit to the Audit Committee of the Board timely.

Department of Research Development and Monitoring

Currently, the Wildlife and Range Section; and Research, Development and Monitoring Section are under the Directorate of Conservation, Community Development and Tourism.The activities performed under these Sections are similar and they complement each other. In this context, it is proposed that the two sections be merged to establish a Wildlife Management and Research Section. The monitoring function that was under the Research, Development and Monitoring Section will be moved to the Corporate Services Directorate under the Section of Planning and Investment because of its synergy with planning function. Consequently, the Planning and Investment Section is proposed to be renamed to be Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section.

Department of Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Section is responsible for development and maintenance of water systems, electricity, buildings and roads which fall under infrastructure.

Department of Finance and Accounts

Finance and Accounts Section Objectives are to

(i) Develop and maintain effective accounting and strategic financial management system;

(ii) Prepare periodic financial management reports timely;

(iii) Manage all financial and accounting operations; and

(iv) Maintain proper books of accounts, registers of assets and liabilities in accordance with current accounting conventions and legal requirements.

Department of Planning and Investments

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section Objectives are:

(i) Coordinate preparation of strategic and business plans for NCAA;

(ii) Coordinate preparation and implementation of the NCAA’s budget;

(iii) Prepare and coordinate implementation of operational action plans;

(iv) Monitor and evaluate NCAA’s Plans and projects and recommend measures necessary to be taken for proper management of ongoing projects and plans;

(v) Prepare periodic progress reports on plans, projects and programmes;

(vi) Prepare and implement investment strategies;

(vii) Develop and manage NCAA investments; and

(viii) Prepare and implement resource mobilisation project proposals for NCAA

Department of Human Resource Management and Administration

Human Resource Management and Administration Section Objectives are:

(i) Interpret public service laws and regulations, standing orders and other labour laws correctly;

(ii) Provide general custodian service including maintenance of office equipment, buildings and grounds, security services, transport and general utility;

(iii) Coordinate and ensure implementation of the code of ethics and conduct and value promotion;

(iv) Implement cross cutting issues including gender, disability, HIV/AIDS and be the NCAA gender focal point;

(v) Coordinate preparation, review and implementation of business process improvements and Client Service Charter;

(vi) Develop and review NCA staff regulations, manuals/guidelines and standard operating procedures;

(vii) Manage staff welfare including health, safety, sports and culture;

(viii) Conduct human resource planning to determine supply and demand needs for professions under NCAA;

(ix) Administer staff salaries and benefits;

(x) Coordinate implementation of performance appraisal system (OPRAS);

(xi) Serve as secretary to the appointment ad-hoc committee of NCAA;

(xii) Manage human resource development, planning, welfare, promotion, motivation, staff relations, health and safety, performance appraisal and administration;

(xiii) Manage staff discipline and adherence to staff regulations and code of ethics and conduct; and

(xiv) Manage NCA registries, office records and courier services

Department of Wildlife and Rangeland Management

Wildlife Management and Research Section Objectioves

This Section performs the following activities: -

(i) Provide technical advice on all matters related to wildlife and range management;

(ii) Develop and implement strategies to control alien plant and wildlife species;

(iii) Develop control measures against environmental degradation resulting from numbers and distribution of people and livestock;

(iv) Supervise and coordinate establishment and management of livestock grazing patterns;

(v) Develop strategies and programs for Species management, both fauna and flora;

(vi) Identify and collate research findings from various centers, including TAWIRI, of relevance to NCA and disseminate to the NCAA management and other stakeholders for sustainable development of NCA;

(vii) Develop research agenda, policies and procedures within NCA and monitor their implementation; and

(viii) Monitor and evaluate implementation of research agenda, research policies and procedures within NCA.

Protection Service Department

This Section performs the following activities: -

(i) Develop and implement strategies and plans for protection of the natural resources (wildlife, forests, soils and water) within the NCA;

(ii) Coordinate and supervise protection activities within the NCA;

(iii) Manage human-wildlife conflicts within and in the area surrounding the NCA;

(iv) Develop and implement anti-poaching programmes;

(v) Design and implement strategies to protect wildlife corridors;

(vi) Design and implement strategies to prevent encroachment of the NCA;

(vii) Coordinate joint anti-poaching patrols;

(viii) Undertake inspection of permits; and

(ix) Provide inputs and cause review of the existing NCA Legislations for sustainable management of the area.

Tourism Services Department

This Section performs the following activities;-

(i) Formulate and implement strategies and programmes for tourism promotion and information dissemination;

(ii)Develop and implement tourism marketing strategy for NCAA within and outside the country;

(iii) Review and propose tourism fee structure;

(iv)Monitor collection of dues from tourists;

(v) Monitor and evaluate implementation of tourism strategies and procedures;

(vi) Innovate and promote new tourism attractions and activities within NCA; and

(vii)Manage tourism attractions within NCA.

​Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage Objectives

This Section will perform the following activities;-

(i) Issue development and investments permit and approvals within NCA cultural heritage sites;

(ii)Develop and implement cultural and geological heritage plans and programs;

(iii) Coordinate conservation of cultural and geological resources and preparation of management plans;

(iv)Provide information to communities, visitors, researchers and scholars on cultural heritage in NCA and its environs;

(v)Coordinate participation and implementation of International Agreements and Conventions and National Policies, Laws, Regulations and Guidelines related to archaeology and cultural heritage; and

(vi) Establish and manage NCAA museums.