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The United Republic of Tanzania


The United Republic of Tanzania


Engaruka Ancient Village

The ancient village of Engaruka preserves an enduring record of human technological achievements in agricultural engineering from the 15th century C.E.


With the establishment of the first sophisticated irrigation system in the hinterland of East Africa, Engaruka rose to become the first appreciated agricultural civilization of its kind during the 14th century, and is credited with having close commercial links with the fabled coastal city states of the era such as Kilwa. 

The fame of Engaruka climaxed in the 15th -17th centuries, and by the 18th century, Engaruka was wholly abandoned following climatic frustrations and ecological stress.

Today 7 centuries later, the ruins of Engaruka remain elegant, intact and authentic. At Engaruka, one will have a chance to walk through the past 7 centuries and be reminded of the 14th-century cutting-edge technology in agricultural advancements, planned human settlements, and a commanding view of the Ngorongoro massif. 

At Engaruka, one cannot miss seeing the capping snow of Africa’s highest Kilimanjaro Mountain in the mornings and experiencing brilliant sceneries of the Rift Valley geological system, including breath-taking maars and the iconic Kerimasi and Oldonyo Lengai Mountains.

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