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Please see below some answers to those frequently asked questions in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and if there is anything you think we are missing or you would like to know – please get in touch.

Ngorongoro has two major seasons. Rainy season and dry season. Each season has its beauty; it only depends on what you need to see as all the seasons are enjoyable.

Rainy Season which is November to April is more attractive as it is the time for wildebeest to breed and the breeding attracts large number of predators. Even more so in late February and March it’s the best time to see Wildebeest migration than in other months of the year.

It is a time when migrant birds from other continents of the world come to many parts of Ngorongoro; multi-colored flowers bloom which in turn draws the butterflies and makes the area becomes more stunning and beautiful.

Another thing that can surprise and fascinate you is the clouds. A thick cloud in the morning seems to cover the edges of the crater and sometimes the crater itself; and On the plains and especially the area’s leading up to Ndutu; you’ll notice it’s like clouds are pouring into the ground and as you approach them you encounter rain; you will see as the clouds form themselves and become rain.

The short grass plains namely Ndutu and Ngorongoro are very interesting during this period. However, they are periods when rainfall is present in different areas and therefore you should be prepared and especially advised to use a four-wheel drive to avoid getting stuck in muddy areas.

Dry Season which are the months of May and October are also interesting for game viewing. In Africa it is common to do tourism during the dry season as animals are mostly in areas with water sources.  For Ngorongoro this is absolutely true because first of all what makes animals present in abundance in the crater floor is plenty of food, water and grazing areas. However, in Ngorongoro there are those animals that they do not migrate; they are always there so not seeing them is very rare.

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This is the third highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. For climbers it is recommended to hike during the driest times which are the months of May to October; although there are other visitors who dare to hike even during the rainy season but are equipped with cold protective equipment. Lolmalasin is highest summit (3700m) followed by Losirua (3260m) above sea level in the Ngorongoro Highlands.

It is possible to climb to the top of Nasera Rock from the eastern side which has a gentle slope when accompanied by a ranger guide.

Yes. It is for everyone who needs to do so but one will have to book in advance an open (designated) space for the service. However; The organizer of everything is yourself; You pay, then we give you a space for hot lunch.

It’s because there are guests who like to have hot meals on the trip. We would like this to be for all people but environmentally it is not recommended by conservation experts.

Our prices for everything are on our website

Vehicles allowed to decent down the crater are the one with four wheel drive. However; other vehicles can access the area.

Accommodation services are available within the NCA, but it is best if you contact the parties for reservation. Check out on our website you will see accommodation services.

The NCAA has one special vehicle for carrying 45 people to the crater. You will be required to fuel 100 litres of diesel (as per the day price) for each trip that the bus descends into the crater. However, you should write a letter to apply for it as there are so many groups using the same especially students.

Private vehicles providing this service are available within the area but are mostly available in Karatu town.

You can do a game drive inside a crater in one day and enjoy it much better than any other place in Tanzania.

You can leave the Serengeti and come to Ngorongoro crater and do a Game Drive and you won’t regret your money as the chances of seeing more animals are much higher.

However it will depend on where your journey from the Serengeti begins. If it’s Seronera you can spend three hours depending on the road.

There are accommodations that are located near or on the rims of the Ngorongoro crater. Check out on our website on Accommodation so you can make choices based on your needs.

The park is open throughout the Year

It is Possible; however, there are designated areas for that and not in the crater.

The months of June, July and August are often the coldest months so it is best to prepare by wearing warm clothes.

No booking required for Simba “A” campsite as it is a public campsite. You will only recurred to pay for it and you have to come with you camping gears.

Check our website the payment area for all required fees when you want to enter the area.

Check our website the payment area for all required fees when you want to enter the area.

Not necessarily though recommended. You will enjoy more if accompanied by a guide.

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