Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Campsite & Hotel Development

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority has earmarked five plots of land within the conservation area for development of tented camps. In order to protect the environment, each tented camp is required to contain 40 or fewer beds.

The Authority has also set aside a piece of land close to the Conservation Area for the development of one modern hotel.

Conditions and terms of applying for these campsite and hotel plots can be obtained from the headquarters of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority upon request by potential investors. The plots are earmarked at attractive sites as follows:

  • Investment site at Nasera Rock at an elevation of 1,876m (South: 02o 44.441’ East: 035o 22.853’).

Located near the northern border of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Nasera is a huge granite rock rising from the ground to a height of over 100m, and is near umbrella acacia trees. The rock is on the western side of the Gol Mountains, about 30 kilometres north of Olduvai Gorge.

  • Investment site around Olkarien Gorge at an elevation of 1,392m (South: 02o 42.362,’ East: 035o 34.921’).

The Olkarien Gorge is located in the northern end of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, just below the border with Loliondo Game Controlled Area, and to the east of the Gol Mountains. The gorge is an area of spectacular beauty and the primary nesting ground for the Ruppells Griffin vultures.

  • Investment site around Lemuta Hill at an elevation of 1,808m (South: 02o 43.910’ East: 035o 16.559’).

Lemuta Hill is close to the border of Serengeti National Park. The open plains around the hill are a destination in themselves for the great migration, a place where the herds start the migration on their annual pilgrimage. There is a water pool near the hill where animals go to drink.

Investment site around Kakesio area at an elevation of 1,877m (South: 03o 31.040’ East: 034o 58.411’).

Kakesio is one of the Maasai settlements inside the Conservation Area. The site is close to a wildlife ranger post. The vegetation at Kakesio is generally heterogeneous with large areas of grassland interspersed with groves of Miombo woodland.

Investment site around Gol Mountains at an elevation of 1655m (South: 020 48.589’ East: 0350 21.086’).

The Gol Mountains lie across the north-western boundary of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, with Serengeti to the north and west, Olduvai Gorge to the south, and Loliondo Game Controlled Area to the north. The mountain ranges are of ancient Precambrian rocks. They rise abruptly to 2,200 meters from the surroundings. The slopes of the mountains have woodland and wooded grassland.

  • Investment of a modern hotel at Kamyn Estate about 20kms from the headquarters of Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority.

Kamyn Estate is a property owned by the Authority but located just outside the boundary of the Conservation Area. The Authority is offering a piece of land measuring 10 acres out of the estate for hotel investment.Kamyn is close to the tarmac road that connects the town of Karatu with Ngorongoro.