Bird Watching

The mixture of forest, canyons, grassland plains, Lakes and marshes provide habitats for a wide range of bird life. The wet months see the arrival of the Eurasian migrants at the pools: White storks, yellow wagtails and swallows mingle with the local inhabitants: stilts, saddle-bill storks, ibis, ruff and various species of duck. Over 500 species of birds have been recorded within the NCA. The edges of Lake Magadi within the crater, Lake Ndutu, and the Empakaai Crater Lake look pinkish from a distance due to the large flock of greater and lesser flamingoes. Lesser flamingos fly in to feed from their breeding grounds at Lake Natron. And the pools around Mandusi swamp are rich with water birds such as waders, storks, ducks and herons. Distinctive grassland birds such as ostriches, kori bustards, crowned cranes, rosy-throated longclaws, augur buzzards, crested eagles and the localized egyptian vultures are plenty. The rest of the NCA also has areas which will reward the keen ornithologists.