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The United Republic of Tanzania


The United Republic of Tanzania


Cultural Heritage

Cultural Tourism Products

Historic cultural product

Gizmerk monuments and historical buildings at Ngorongoro crater

Archaeological sites

include Olduvai Gorge, Laetoli Hominids footprints sites, Mumba rock shelter and Nasera rock site.

Artistic cultural products

including Maasai folk art, performance art and rock paintings sites

Local cultural products

such as the local traditional culture, local cuisine, local festival of Maasai, Datoga & Hadzabe ethnic groups

Religious cultural products

Religious/worship sites and events at Misigyo and Ngorongoro crater floor.

Scientific cultural products

Olduvai Museum, Laetoli, Mumba and Mary Leakey living museum

Cultural Heritage Activities

  • Restoration of ancient settlement & irrigation system at Engaruka
  • Protection, conservation, rehabilitation and enhancement of cultural heritage sites
  • Facilitation of conservation education and public awareness programme on cultural heritage resources
  • Capacity building and engaging the local community in cultural heritage issues
  • Local economic development and the improvement of living conditions and quality of life through Geopark projects
  • Research and monitoring
  • Lectures and interpretation

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Other Features

Engaruka Ancient Village

The ancient village of Engaruka preserves an enduring record of human technological achievements in agricultural engineering from the 15th century C.E.

Mumba Rock Shelter

Mumba is an extensive rock shelter under an immense outcrop of metamorphic gneiss located at 35°17’47″E, 3°32’26″S near the Northeastern shore of Lake Eyasi.