Veterinary Services

NCAA has qualified Doctors and veterinary officers who are capable of all aspects on Wildlife and livestock treatment within the conservation area. The following is being conducted on daily basis by our Doctors and Veterinary officers:

  • Wildlife treatment especially Rhino, Lion, Elephants,Wild dogs and Cheater ·
  • Livestock treatment and vaccination
  • Disease surveillance on both wild and livestock
  • Breeds improvement and advice on best animal husbandry
  • To assist provision of veterinary training through workshops and seminars to the staff and surveillance team.
  • To assist in conducting intervention and rescuing of sick livestock, wildlife injured or snared wildlife
  • Constructions, Maintenance and repair of Dams and pipes line supplying water to the Dip tanks crushes and cattle troughs
  • Purchase of breeding Bulls, rams, Bucks and all related services to improve NCA Local breeds
  • Constructions, maintenance and repair of slaughter premises
  • Silage Making from makutian grass to improve feeding of livestock during drought season
  • Fattening projects of livestock
  • Provision of dairy goat to widow/destitute families